Monday, April 20, 2009

New Restaurant in Portland Maine!

Hello to the Foodies out there!  I want to be the first to announce the arrival of our newest bundle of Joy : The Salt Exchange.  This is our 1st major endeavor as a husband and wife team and what better place to do this than the Beautiful Portland Maine.  Here is the rundown:  The Salt Exchange is a small-plates (appetizer size) concept. A lot of people have made the assumption that by "Small-Plates" we mean tapas: this is not the case.  We will be focusing on Regional New American Cuisine.  This includes all types of fare with all of the cultural influences that we see every day in fine cuisine.  The idea is that because some of the food is "New American" and may not have made it to the mainstream, a patron (yourselves) may want to try several things without breaking their bank.  Here's the scenario:  You and I and 2 of our friends go to eat at TSE.  We each find 2 or 3 dishes that look interesting to us.  In talking to one another about the menu we find that some of us want to try the same thing, some of us do not.  So what do we do?  We order 8 or 9 things off of the menu and sample away.  We will also have an extensive wine menu (It will start out with about 50 bottles but we will be ever expanding once our doors are opened), full wine service as well as a finer, upscale feel, with a detail for family friendliness.  We also think that it is important for us to mention that one of our main mission statements is that we want to be immersed in, housed by, inclusive of and contributers to our Community of Portland Maine.  Please feel free to take a peek if you find yourselves down along 245 Commercial street.  We are right next to Three Dollar Deweys.  Thank you for aking the time to read this and we hope to see your faces there when we open (Mid May!)