Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Closer...

As we move out of May and into June, things begin to take formation more quickly and recognizably.  The top of Jamie Johnston's cherry bar-top is on, and looks absolutely beautiful!  The sign has gone up, outside the entrance- completed by NH sign Maker Chuck McLean of Timberline Signs.  We are still waiting on Laura Fuller's Stained glass pieces, but trust me, they will  be worth the wait!    The facade has been re-painted and should compliment our outdoor seating quite beautifully!  (FYI- outdoor seating probably will not be instituted until July....).  Each piece of equipment has begun to make its way to it's permanent home in the kitchen, bar, and dish area, and as we speak, the bathrooms are getting a few fresh coats of paint!  We will have our soft opening for a private attendance on June 2nd and will be open (barring any major catastrophes) June 3rd for lunch.  Its all culminating before our eyes.  We are so excited to be here and to be in this arena of the Portland Community.  Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped make this possible!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Update on The Salt Exchange

So, we spent last weekend a crew of friends, family and contractors we already had working on the restaurant space all got together and painted the interior.  Today the Floors went in and later in the week the furniture begins to roll in!  The stain glass we have commissioned from local artist Laura Fuller is under way and organization of my photos showing the progress of the space from inception to realization is also in en route to our newly painted walls.  Our beautiful Cherry bar designed and built by local Artist Jamie Johnston is almost at completion too!  It is all happening so fast...
Chef Jasinski has been working nonstop to get the best possible Kitchen crew to work under his lead, and Charlie and myself have selected out of the many many many applicants some of the greatest personalities and the finest talents we could ask for in Waitstaff and Bartenders.  Please feel free to drop by and take a peek!  245 Commercial street, Portland Maine- Telephone number, Opening date and Website will be posted once they are available!