Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things to Come....

So, into our 3rd week, things become clearer.... Service is honed, the kitchen works out kinks and is finding their groove, we continue to see many familiar faces come in the door. As we smooth over the surfaces and crevices, we look ahead to some great things! Some new and exciting parts to the "machine" that we are excited to share with you are:

*Outdoor seating (In the next month or two)- we will have 4 deuces out on the sidewalk

*Chef's Table- 6 seats at the Kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared and ask Chef Jasinski (and his colleagues) questions about preparation or ingredients

*Continuation of Wednesday Wine Series- Sample wines with complimentary canapes

*An Exclusive Taittinger special (Stay posted for dates and details)

*Our Website , designed by Theodora Medouris, will be up and running in a month or so- still tweaking some little details, but the address will be posted as soon as it is up!

*We will be one of the restaurants Featured in Maine Home Design's (Formerly Port City Life) first Issue in September! Look for it in your local Grocery store.

Also see Today's Switch article...

We look forward to seeing your faces in for Lunch, Dinner, or just to poke around or chat about the concept, food or Spirits! Take care! The Salt Exchange Crew


  1. Seriously, the thing about the size of the kitchen on the menu has to go. I have seen and worked in smaller kitchens with more seating. That is just a cop out, and an excuse for Jacob's lack of experience as a chef. He clearly doesn't know how to run a kitchen. Real chefs don't make excuses like that. How do you expect to pair wine properly

  2. First- Please understand that any further comments singling out a staff member will be cut from this Blog. If there is a personal issue you may have with one or some of the staff, please address it with those individuals. This is not a forum for unresolved personal issues.
    That being said....
    Actually, we (the owners- not the Chef) chose this wording because every single small plates Restaurant we went to out in California had the same or a similar disclaimer. It aids the (highly educated and experienced) kitchen in timing as well as further enables the "Tasting/Sampling" experience that is the premise behind our restaurant. As far as Wine Pairing is concerned, we have 2oz wines by the glass to go with the preparations, if the guest is so inclined, they can order one of these wines at the time the food is ordered so that the two can come out in unison. If one chooses not to pair this way, that is up to them, but it is what we suggest. I understand that you have worked in small kitchens with more seating, however, without knowing the Style of Cuisine, the number of dishes on the menu, the experience of the Chef and his staff and the ability behind the Waitstaff, there is no way for us to comment on that comparison. - TSE

  3. After visiting numerous websites and seeing the feedback on the Salt Exchange... whomever has a personal attack against the chef, obviously works in the industry and lacks the class and tact to keep the snarky comments off of review blogs. To the chef who is posting these negative blogs, you must have a huge ego and obviously lack the self confidence for a little competition. There is a way to give constructive critisism without putting down a fellow chef's creations and talent. Keep it to constructive critisism people.