Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wednesday, JULY29th- 5:00-6:30

THIS WEEKS WINE SERIES: Wednesday, July 29th: sample 4 Reds, and 4 whites from various regions...., 2 Varietals! mmmmm, delicious. $5 Will get you some delicious sampling and complimentary Canapes! Stay after, if you like, and have a bite at the bar, or some dinner under the beautiful Greek photography collection by local artist, Jeremy hartford. We'll see you there!

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  1. I have been wanting to try your restaurant for some time, since I live on Commercial Street, right around the corner from your establishment. My boyfriend, who read the reviews on line, did not want to join me since he thought he would leave hungry. So I brought two friends and went last night.

    The service was great. Unfortunately I do not remember my server's name, but he was training a girl and they were both very nice and he was very knowledgeable about the menu.

    The food was incredible! None of us had any criticism about the flavor or presentation of the food. YUM!!!! The atmosphere was great too - I loved the couch near the bar. The music was perfect.

    My piece of constructive criticism is how small the plates were compared to the prices. I have been to small plate restaurants before, but I personally think the portions are a bit too small. I loved the gnocchi, but we only received 5 and they were tiny and more bite size than small plate size. I was disappointed in that respect.

    The three of us ordered two cold plates and three hot plates to share. We asked our waiter if that would be enough and he thought it would be but stated that we could always order more. Well after those plates and a few drinks we couldn't really afford more.

    Unfortunately my boyfriend was right, we did leave hungry. The food was so wonderful that I would probably return for an amuse or one cold/hot plate and then move on to a different restaurant for a full meal. I am a big proponent of supporting local businesses.

    I think your concept is a great idea, but if there had a been a few more of everything on each plate we received it would have been perfect.

    Again, please give my compliments to the chef!