Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wednesday Wine Series- July 8th

WEDNESDAY WINE SERIES- June 8th- Come join us for Wines from Loire, France! $5 includes the tasting and complimentary canapes! 5:00-6:30- no reservations Required...


  1. Just to let you know I was in there last week with my fiance and we were VERY impressed with the food, but the service was terrible.

    The waiter had no idea what was on the menu, when we asked about the organic Chardonnay and the difference between that and a regular California chardonnay we got the answer, "the Chard is great." What kind of description is that? The cocktail list has no imagination, but we ordered a cocktail that tasted terrible- We were also told that there is no bread with the meal because we would get to full and wouldn't be able to enjoy more dishes. I'm all for no bread, but have a little tact and phrase it better.
    The "manager" came over in her jeans and a little top, we had no idea she even worked there. Not something I would expect for such rave reviews.
    On a bright note the food was insanely delicious and every dish we ordered surpassed our expectations. The cioppino was so delicious as was the dessert. Give our compliments to the chef as well as the pastry chef!
    Work on your service and get some experienced managers in the front of house, ones that don't wear jeans and watch people walk in and out the door without acknowledgement.

  2. Well First, let me thank you for coming in. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the food! We will have a new menu tomorrow night, but I assure you, the Cioppino will stay on...
    I apologize for the unpleasant experiences you had with the service. As we move into our second month, we have had some time to observe and as recently as this Tuesday, we have begun a revised training sequence for verbage, knowledge and courtesy. While we are confident in the food, and the people we have chosen to be in our employment, feedback from our guests is crucially important and appreciated. We hope to see you in for another try, and if you do come, please feel free to ask for Charlie or Martha so that we may properly introduce ourselves. Take care, and thank you for business, your time, and your feedback. TSE